"1998: Resolute's top class accommodation opens it's doors, Inuit owned and operated by members of the community.....1999:The Inn expands 3500 sq.ft.....2000: A new wing of 8000 sq. ft. with conference facility added....2001: More to come!...."
Resolute (NU), Canada"...an oasis in the Arctic....great value for money here, superb facilities, super food 24 hours a day, an unobtrusive attention to detail....The best I have experienced yet in my 25 years in the Arctic (and I have seen a lot)..." Euan Mackay

"....logistical support and conference facilities for any major or minor expedition ...will use The South Camp Inn for all my future Arctic Expeditions and needs... found the Inuit culture fascinating and colorful...." Douglas Stoup

We invite you to discover the beauty and history Resolute Bay has to offer. Enjoy an unforgettable High Arctic adventure while receiving excellent hospitality from me and my family at the South Camp Inn, your top class destination on Cornwallis Island. We take pride in catering to all your private and expedition needs and are so certain that you will enjoy staying with us that we guarantee a full refund, if you do not! 

........Aleeasuk Idlout & Aziz "Ozzie" Kheraj


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