Resolute Bay is located 600 km north of the Arctic circle on the southern shore of Cornwallis Island and is part of Canada's newest territory, Nunavut and the second most northern community in North America. The natural surroundings are truly unique and are home to polar bear, musk ox, arctic fox, arctic hare and many other animals unique to this area. Trips to observe high arctic wolves or the endangered peary caribou are best arranged from Resolute.  Narwhal and Beluga whale pods pass by Resolute Bay to summer feeding habitats and can be viewed on boat tours or sometimes even by walking along the beach. Northwest of Ellesmere Island lies Word Hunt Island which is the starting point for most North Pole Expeditions. More details are to be found on our EXPEDITION or PHOTOS pages.

The Resolute Bay area has been settled for the past 4000 years.  The remains of four winter villages of the early Inuit lie close by the present community. Their winter houses were built from boulders and turf, the roofs supported by whale bones. These historic sites include some of the earliest evidence of Inuit presence in Arctic Canada.  The approximately 230 inhabitants of contemporary Resolute are a blend of traditional Inuit and non-Inuit cultures and form a warm, friendly and welcoming community. 

The South Camp Inn offers you many services including guided tours, outfitting and other activities. For more details check our HOTEL and EXPEDITION pages.

Resolute can be reached by plane from Ottawa via Iqaluit or from Edmonton via Yellowknife by First Air. Within Nunavut, Resolute can be reached from Pond Inlet, Nanisivik and Arctic Bay by Kenn Borek Air.

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